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Bev and Sue - Grassmoor Meet and Greet
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“A great place if you’re feeling a little lonely. Lots of shared stories and laughs, and lovely new friends too.”

“This group gives you purpose to your week, something to look forward to.”

Meet Bev and Sue who turned a conversation on the bus into a sense of belonging - for themselves and the people of Grassmoor - an inspiring example of community-based volunteer organisers helping people to feel connected

After getting chatting and sharing their painful experiences of loneliness, they decided to join forces and explore a few different local groups together. Bev lives on her own after losing her husband and Sue is a carer for her husband.


With their confidence boosted a little, they had the idea to set up their own group where they live. It was important to them to add to what was already available in the area - giving themselves and others more local opportunities to join in different things on different days of the week. 


“Both of us were lonely and there are other people like us who are desperate to get out.  We want to look after our mental health and we look forward to getting out and meeting people to do that.  Making an impact on other people really motivates us too.  We have started a lovely group and they all look forward to it, which makes us want to do more of it, to keep it going and to keep on doing what we do”.


Bev and Sue now offer a weekly group called Grassmoor Meet and Greet, a place where anyone can simply drop in every Friday 11-1pm at The Pavilion, Barnes Park, Grassmoor. You’ll receive a warm welcome, whether you’re on your own or come with a friend. 


Not only have they opened up a world of connection and belonging for themselves through volunteering their time to run this group, they’ve given local people even more opportunity to improve their wellbeing through connecting with others.


“We wouldn’t have done what we have done without Feeling Connected.  It picked us both up and has had a big impact.  The support, advice and encouragement we’ve had has been so helpful and the Feeling Connected funding has enabled us to keep our group moving forward”. 


As members of the Feeling Connected Family, they’ve developed supportive relationships at our social events and workshops and have already helped other volunteer organisers by sharing their experience and received help and support with their own questions too. 


“It’s nice to meet new people at the Feeling Connected Social events.  We get to find out what else is going on, which is really useful, both for ourselves and members of our group. 

Learning from other organisers at the workshops has been great,  for example, we got transport contacts from another organiser and have been able to organise trips for our group as a result.  It’s so helpful to share these things.  And we’ve helped others too, they’re learning from us”

Feeling Connected is delighted to support Bev and Sue as they continue on their inspirational journey together, making a positive difference to their own and others’ lives. 


Here’s what the people who have attended the Grassmoor Meet and Greet have to say:-


“I’m so happy to have found this group as I’m not good at socialising. The very first time I went I was welcomed by everyone and they are like-minded people which is so nice.”

“I enjoy our meeting together on Fridays at the Grassmoor Pavilion. It helps me with my depression and I get to meet others in my community.”

“This coffee morning has re-introduced myself to crocheting, knitting and also playing board games. “This meeting gives you purpose to your week, something to look forward to, mixing with people with similar situations, i.e: widowed, elderly. You meet new people, have a laugh and a natter.”

“Two wonderful ladies, always welcoming and make you feel at home.

“A great place if you’re feeling a little lonely. Lots of shared stories and laughs, lovely new friends too.”



If you’d like to attend the Grassmoor Meet and Greet just pop along between 11-1pm on Fridays at The Grassmoor Community Pavilion, Barnes Park, Grassmoor.

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