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Feeling Connected Fortnight 17th - 30th
October 2022

Celebrating community groups

and neighbourhood initiatives

that to bring people together,

combating loneliness and isolation

across Chesterfield and

North East Derbyshire.

We hope that two weeks of inspirational stories will encourage more people to organise something in their neighbourhood to improve social connectedness.

Join us on social media:

  • Promote an event, a group, an activity or project.
  • Share your success stories of bringing people together.
  • Celebrate any heroes, volunteers or staff that make a difference.
  • Use the opportunity to recruit new volunteers.
Quick Links
Our Facebook Page: 
Our Twitter: @DVA_FC
We’ll be launching the Feeling Connected Development Programme, a new support service with start-up funding for emerging community groups.
We’ll be publishing a newspaper;
Feeling Connected News, with 50 Great Ideas for bring people together and improving your neighbourhood.
We’ll be hosting a Showcase Event to thank all those involved in projects we’ve funded to improve social connectedness, on Wednesday Oct 19th, 3-6pm at The Hub @ Low Pavement, Chesterfield.
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