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Let's Share ...
the New Year!

Help people feel connected in your neighbourhood

Apply for up to £75

to fund something fun, small, informal and easy to organise

Making it easier to bring people together

The Feeling Connected Project supports community initiatives that reduce loneliness and isolation across Chesterfield and NE Derbyshire.

Our aim is to develop a confident, capable and supportive network of community builders who are passionate about creating opportunities for connection and belonging

Let us help you get started!

Just follow the 5 easy steps to make a difference in YOUR Community

Check if you're eligible here>
Get More Support

It's not just about the ££

Find out about all the other free support we offer

Together we can tackle loneliness and isolation


Tell us about your ideas or plans


It can be a one-off event or something that brings people together more often

Tip - start small! Make it easy to organise, fun and informal

Don't have all the details worked out yet? Don't worry - we can help you choose something that will work for you and your neighbourhood

There are lots of inspiring ideas here>


Funds are limited and will be allocated to eligible applications on a first come first served basis - check if you qualify here>


We'll contact you to talk about your idea and any other support you might need to get things started


Not sure how best to use the funding on offer? We can help with 1:1 advice tailored just for you


We provide lots of other FREE support too - click here to find out more>

Tip - come to one of our free workshops or social events for inspiration and support from others who are passionate about bringing people together


Start organising and invite people to join in!


Not sure how? We can help you figure out what will work best for your idea/community


We also offer free printing for any posters or invitations


And you can use the Feeling Connected Logo to show that you're not just hosting a gathering or organising an activity - you're creating an opportunity  for those who feel lonely to know they belong!

See all the free support on offer here>


Tip - get others involved so you're not the solo hero! People like to feel useful and having a role to play helps build relationships and makes us feel more connected


Save your receipts and get up to £75 to cover costs


This micro grant is especially for informal groups, activities, projects or events.  You don't need a special bank account - but you WILL need to keep all your receipts.  We will reimburse your expenses up to £75


Enjoy your Get Together!


We LOVE to hear your inspiring stories - let us know how it goes and send us a photo or two!



If it's something you'd like to share, why not inspire others with a post on Social Media #feelingconnected


Want us to share your post on Facebook? Mention us by typing @feelingconnecteddva anywhere in your post

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Funding your initiative
Feeling Connected £75 Micro Grant


  • You are an informal organiser, this means that:

  • You are an individual or part of a team that isn't a formalised group or organisation (ie NOT a constituted group, social enterprise, community interest company, registered charity or other type of non-profit organisation)

You have an idea or are already running a community initiative that:

  • Brings people together​

  • Helps to reduce loneliness and isolation

  • Creates opportunities for people to feel like they belong and feel more socially connected

  • Benefits a community or neighbourhood within Chesterfield Borough and/or North-East Derbyshire District

  • Is Volunteer-led - you and (your team of helpers if you have any) aren't paid for the work you do

  • Is Not for Profit - it is not connected to any commercial organisation, individual or company

How to Apply - Fill in the super simple and very short online application form here>  If you need help, please contact us​​​​

Feeling Connected £300 Local Connections Grant

You must have already received (or been approved for) the Feeling Connected £75 Micro Grant to be eligible for the Feeling Connected £300 Local Connections Grant.  

How to Apply - Contact

Funding for Formal Organisers

Feeling Connected is part of Derbyshire Voluntary Action.  For current sources of funding and support available for formalised groups and organisations visit>
We also encourage you to contact our friends at Links CVS here> who may be able to help you with alternative sources of funding or governance advice suited to your type of group or organisation.
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Let's Share the New Year!
Apply now to secure your £75

Thank you! We will be in touch soon to help get you started!​

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