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If you are looking to join groups and activities to meet people. 

If you want to volunteer or find ways to share your skills, talents and passions.

If you want to start up a group, event or project in your neighbourhood.

Building capacity for people who are passionate about connectedness.

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Visit our Blog Page here to catch up with all elements of the Feeling Connected Project. 

We are excited to share of some of the activities, groups, events and neighbourhood projects that make up the Feeling Connected Family

For small community groups and individuals who want to make a difference where they live. 

For anyone with a passion for bringing people together.
Workshops will be held at various locations across NE Derbyshire and Chesterfield.

The Hub

50 Great Ideas to bring people together 

Look for inspiration? Here are 50 great ideas to bring people together and improve your neighbourhood.

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Get Involved

The Hub

@Low Pavement

The Hub @ Low Pavement is our town centre venue in Chesterfield, the home of Feeling Connected and a safe space for all, full of activities and connections.

Address: 61 Low Pavement,
Chesterfield, S40 1PA.
Open:  Mon - Thursday 10-3pm.


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