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FREE workshops across Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire

Supporting local volunteers who want
to reduce loneliness and isolation
by organising informal community groups/projects or neighbourhood activities

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We're running each workshop across Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire. 
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Learn | Support | Connect

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Loneliness: Making a Difference

Want to make a bigger impact in your community?

Creating opportunities for connection and belonging all starts with a conversation  ...

And we're inviting YOU to join in!

Together we can have the greatest impact when we share our understanding of the challenges and a vision for the future

We welcome anyone who is passionate about bringing people together and reducing the impact of loneliness and isolation

Whether you have a personal or professional interest, we'd love you to join us

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In this workshop you will
  • Explore the real causes and impact of loneliness
  • Bust the common myths and stereotypes that keep people isolated
  • Discover diverse perspectives about one of the most damaging issues of our time
  • Learn why local community-based initiatives are a vital and powerful part of the solution
  • Find out what's going on locally to help people feel more connected​
  • Explore how you can make a difference, whatever part you play
  • Find out how the Feeling Connected Project makes it easier for community-based volunteers to bring people together - even if they don't want to become a formalised group or organisation
  • Be part of the Feeling Connected Family and develop supportive relationships within a growing network of community builders - all connected by our passion to tackle loneliness and isolation - TOGETHER!
Join us if
  • You want to learn more about how community-based action can help tackle loneliness and isolation
  • You have an idea to bring people together in your community and want help to get started
  • You're in the early stages of organising a community-based initiative and need more support and connections
  • You've been running a community initiative for a while and want to network and share your experience
  • You support people who may be ready to set up their own small and  informal community initiative - to help themselves and others feel more connected

New dates to be announced ...


Feeling Connected
Learning Together Workshops

These workshops offer a flexible format, focussed on shared learning and collective problem solving.

Bring your real-life volunteer organiser questions, dilemmas, challenges, ideas and experience - sharing and learning together makes it easier to make a difference, no matter what stage you're at.

Volunteer Organisers (including those with an idea) can participate in as many Learning Together Workshops as needed, to build confidence and connections and work through your specific questions and challenges with others who are, or have been, where you are.
Anyone who can support volunteer organisers with information, experience and connections are also encouraged to attend and we value your contribution
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New dates to be announced ...


In this workshop you will
  • Build confidence and connections 
  • Get support and encouragement to develop your ideas, whatever stage you're at
  • Work through your biggest challenges and solve problems together so you can move forward
  • Discover new contacts and build your network 
  • Share your best tips and lessons learned to help others get started or keep going
  • Feel supported and connected as part of the Feeling Connected Family
Join us if
  • You have an idea for a community group/activity/event project and want help to get started


  • You're in the early stages and need more support and connections


  • You've been running a group/activity/project for a while and want to network and share your experience

  • You have professional or personal experience, contacts, information and encouragement to share that would be helpful for informal volunteer organisers

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to attend the Loneliness: Making a Difference workshop before the Learning Together Workshop?
No.  We'd love you to join us at both but we understand that might not be possible for everyone.  We've designed them so that you can choose whatever date, time and location works best for you
Can I come if I'm not organising anything yet myself?
Definitely! Many of the volunteer organisers we support set up their own community initiatives after having come to one of our workshops but you don't have to be an organiser to make a difference!

Our Loneliness: making a Difference Workshop is a great way to get a deeper understanding of why we need to tackle loneliness and isolation, as well as the role community initiatives play in helping people to feel more socially connected.  You'll also learn what support is available to help you get started if that's what you'd like to do - NO pressure AT ALL to commit to anything!
What if I just want to support others or find out more?
We believe everyone has something to contribute - and the more people who are aware of this growing issue or can offer any kind of support to volunteers out in the community making a direct difference the better!

The Learning Together Workshops focus on supporting volunteer organisers with their specific and real life challenges, so if you think you might have some valuable experience or other skills, knowledge or contacts to share that could help then please do sign up and book your place
Are the workshops a 'drop in' style event?
No and booking is required.  Although the workshops are informal, welcoming and no-pressure, they are structured and we've designed them to make the most of the time available. 
You'll get the most benefit if you can participate in the whole thing.   If you have other commitments, we understand  - just let us know when you book

For an even more informal way to learn more about the Feeling Connected Project and network with other people who are active and interested in communities across Chesterfield and NE Derbyshire, come along to one of our Feeling Connected Social Events Find out more
Help us reach and support more community initiative volunteer organisers!
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