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Making it easier to bring people together

We offer free support for community initiatives that help to reduce loneliness and isolation across Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire
Our aim is to develop a confident, capable and supportive network of community builders who are passionate about creating opportunities for connection and belonging.  We call this network The Feeling Connected Family.

The Feeling Connected Family!
We believe that everyone can help to tackle loneliness and isolation - and by joining forces, we can support each other to make a difference. 

The Feeling Connected Family is made up of all kinds of amazing people, groups and organisations - all connected by our passion for creating connection and belonging in our communities. 

What part can you play?

Are you an individual or part of a team with an idea you want to bring to life?  Already organising something in your community? Are you interested in learning more or do you have skills, experience or other support to contribute?


Informal Organisers

  • Have an idea to bring people together

  • May have have already started organising

  • Are NOT a formalised group or organisation

  • e.g. an individual, a tiny team of neighbours or friends



  • Have already started

  • Are a formalised group or organisation

  • e.g constituted group, Community Interest Company, Registered Charity or other form of non profit organisation 



  • Have personal or professional support to offer

  • Want to share skills, knowledge, experience, resources or contacts

  • May be individuals who want to contribute without becoming an organiser themselves (some supporters may also be organisers)

  • May support or work with people affected by loneliness and isolation

Interested Members

  • Have personal or professional interest in community

  • Want to learn more about creating connection and belonging

  • May be considering getting involved, either as an organiser or a supporter or both

With FREE support from The Feeling Connected Project
Funding Icon Facebook Post square.png

Funding to help cover the costs of setting up and running your group, activity, event or project Super simple to apply for! (We can help you complete the short form if you need it) We can also help you access further funding once you've started Feeling Connected Funding is for Informal Organisers only. There's more information about eligibility and other sources of funding for Formal Organisers on our Funding Page

Workshops icon square_edited_edited.jpg

Workshops to build confidence, skills and connections. Learning, sharing, supporting and connecting is at the core of all our free workshops. The Feeling Connected Introduction Workshops are open to everyone. The Learning Together Workshops are for informal and formal organisers as well as anyone who can support them. Head to our Workshops page to book and find out more.

FC Social Icon circle.png

Our Feeling Connected Socials are informal, in person get-togethers for anyone interested or active in the community. Whether you're new to the Feeling Connected Family, have been with us for a while or simply want to find out what's happening across Chesterfield and NE Derbyshire, these events are open to anyone. Find out more on our Events page

Facebook Group Icon Circle.png

Private Facebook Group to connect online with other members of the Feeling Connected Family outside of our workshops and events. Ask each other questions, give and receive support, find oportunities for collaboration, celebrate each other and get to know what else is going on in the region. The Facebook group is called Feeling Connected Family. Use the button on this page to request to join

guide and resource checklist icon square.png

Guides and resources to help you with the tricky bits like rules and regulations - made simple and relevant for informal organisers. We discuss what you might need as part of your mentoring. Or you can ask about them at one of our Learning Together Workshops. Note that our guides are specifically tailored for informal initiatives and may not be appropriate for formalised groups/organisations.

Mentoring Icon Bulb Puzzle square.png

Individual support, advice, guidance and encouragement from one of our experienced Development Workers Tailored support to find what works for you, your initiative and your community! From dveloping your ideas to reaching out to your neighbours, to all the other stuff that might have you stuck as you get going - we're here to support you every step of the way. Our individual mentoring service is usually for informal organisers but we may be able to support you if you're newly constituted or in the early stages of setting up or running your initiative. Both informal and formal organisers can get group support at one of our Learning Together Workshops

Printing icon square.png

FREE printing to help you promote your initiative and invite others to join in with printed posters, flyers and invitations Limits apply. Please email to arrange your printing This service is only available for Informal Organisers

new FC logo_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Use the Feeling Connected Logo - You're not just hosting a group or organising an activity ... you're creating an opportunity for people to feel more connected and less lonely. Use the Feeling Connected Logo on your promotion or communication materials to show that your group is - open and inclusive - community focussed - passionate about helping people feel like they belong - part of the Feeling Connected Family We provide range of Logo files to suit your needs. Logo files are available via the Logo Files button on this page. Both informal and formal organisers may use the Logo. You must not change it in any way (other than to resize to fit your project)

Don't miss out on the upcoming workshops, funding and the opportunity to be supported by the Feeling Connected Family as you make a real difference to your Community!

Complete the short form to tell us about your group or idea, and we'll be in touch to support you through the next steps

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