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Inspiring Stories
Our communities are full of amazing people who volunteer their time and energy to create opportunities for connection and belonging in many different ways. 

We are delighted to be able to support these fabulous volunteer organisers who are making a huge difference - not only to the lives of the people who participate in their initiatives - but to their own lives too!

We hope you will be inspired by reading some of their stories. 

Together we can tackle loneliness and isolation

What difference could you make?  Go here> for details of how we can help you get started.
Bev and Sue - Grassmoor Meet and Greet
Bev and Sue.jpg

“A great place if you’re feeling a little lonely. Lots of shared stories and laughs, and lovely new friends too.”

“This group gives you purpose to your week, something to look forward to.”

Turning a conversation on the bus into a sense of belonging - for themselves and the people of Grassmoor

An inspiring example of community-based volunteer organisers helping people to feel connected whilst taking care of their own well-being.

Claire - Chesterfield ADHD Drop In Group
Claire Gibbs ADHD Group Claire image.jpeg

"This group gives me and others an opportunity to unmask, relax and socialise in a way that feels good – it’s a nice place to meet, chat and laugh together”.

"It’s nice to feel understood and unjudged when we have our meet ups. It’s a safe place to share experiences with others who ‘get it’".

A journey from personal need to community impact

Claire’s story and the ADHD group she has created demonstrates the power of small, informal initiatives that can make a significant difference with the right support.
Julie - Crafting Connections in Arkwright Town and Chesterfield
Julie and her creations image.jpg

"The Arkwright Craft Group and the Wetherspoons Crochet Group are both small enough for everyone to speak to everyone and really get to know each other.  It’s lovely to see that happening, for me and for them—it makes it worthwhile to carry on. That’s what it was all about in the beginning—bringing people together."

From newcomer to community builder - Finding purpose and connection through volunteering

Julie’s story is filled with resilience, compassion and community.  Her commitment to fostering a sense of belonging in her new home has become a beacon for others seeking connection and purpose in their own chapters of life.
Jayne, Val, Edna and Jayne - Fab Four creating connection in their cul-de-sac

"One lady’s face will stay with me forever.  To see the smile on her face, I’d do it 20 more times - it was amazing! Everyone said how lovely it was and what a real treat”.

"No-one is just stuck in a bungalow with no-one there for them. Now people come to us or wave to us, which they never did before’".

A fantastic example of how to find ways to reach IN to your community - recognising that it can be difficult for those who are feeling lonely or isolated to reach out.

A tiny team with a big impact - bringing neighbours together as a connected community so that no-one has to feel alone. 

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